Medical weight loss is more effective

Losing weight can be very challenging for most people. That’s why at NewTrend Medical Spa, we use the most effective methods available to help you lose weight safely and quickly. And your medical weight loss program will be supervised by Ashima Mehta, MD, a board-certified ob/gyn who has helped many women (and men) lose weight safely and effectively. Get started now on a slimmer you!

NewTrend will work with you to develop a six-week treatment plan consisting of a safe, effective diet, exercise routine and prescription to help you reach your desired weight loss goals. During the course of your six-week plan, a physician will meet with you at regular intervals to evaluate your weight loss progress.

Results without needles or injections

NewTrend often prescribes a medical nasal spray (no needles) that can be used once a day. Of course, the main advantage over needles is that nasal spray is painless and can be self-administered. The nasal spray costs the same or less than the needle procedure, plus it's convenient and works better. 

NewTrend's goal is to help patients lose “undesired fat.” She provides diet and exercise advice, and her fat loss program usually includes three appointments over a six-week period. These appointments include:

  • Consultation and blood tests
  • Three-week follow-up to monitor progress 
  • Three-week follow-up to complete the program and evaluation to determine next steps depending on how much progress has been made

Medical weight loss procedures are used by many physicians as a last resort for non-surgical weight loss after other methods have failed. The weight lost during this program is usually maintained with little effort. It’s an effective program with proven results – without injections.

Talk to us about your beauty and anti-aging treatment needs. Don’t hesitate to call our med spa at 847.362.7000 or use our online form to schedule your preferred consultation time. Our patients come to us from Libertyville, Chicago, Buffalo Grove, Lake Forest, Lincolnshire and Vernon Hills near North Shore in Lake County, IL.

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