Skin Tyte

What is Skin Tyte?
New advances in light energy have led to the development of a non-invasive treatment of skin laxity which is safer and more effective than ever before. Sciton ST Broad Band Light offers safe infrared light energy and advanced skin cooling technology to comfortably deliver heat below the skin's surface for increased tissue tightening and reduced skin laxity.
This ground-breaking new technology is used to selectively heat the dermal collagen deep in your skin while at the same time cooling the epidermis (outer layer of skin) prior-to, during, and after treatment, reducing pain and minimizing internal thermal injury to adjacent skin structures. The result is partial coagulation and contraction of collagen which tightens the skin.

What can Skin Tyte do for my skin?
A Skin Tyte procedure is a series of full face, gentle uses of pulsed infrared light energy treatments aimed to improve the appearance of sun damaged and aged skin, as well as decrease patches of facial and neck redness and flushing. Skin Tyte treatment results in a much younger looking skin.
Skin Tyte Treatments were developed to consistently and predictably improve the visible appearance of the skin with no down time. Skin Tyte treatments may be used over any areas of the body that present aged, photo damaged skin such as neck, chest, hands and arms.

How does the Skin Tyte work?
The SkinTyte process selectively photocoagulates soft tissue in combination with an integral thermo-electric cooler for use in cooling the epidermis at the treatment site prior to, during and after treatment to reduce pain and minimize heat injury to the adjacent skin structures.
By utilizing a broadband of light energy to heat dermal collagen, this process promotes the partial denaturation and contraction of collagen. The heat also stimulates the body's natural healing process which generates a renewed firmer collagen base that leads to skin tightening.
Are SkinTyte treatments safe? And are there any side effects?
The Sciton SkinTyte system technology is FDA-approved and documented to be safer and more comfortable than the bulk heating approach of other systems because it is highly selective and more advanced in targeting collagen and elastic fibers in your loose skin.
Patients experience mild redness in the treated area immediately after treatment. This will last only a short time.
Since the SkinTyte procedure is noninvasive, you can resume your normal activities immediately following treatment.


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