Hormone Therapy

The NewTrend for hormone therapy

Aging is a natural part of the human condition. While we cannot stop the aging process, we can control our lifestyles, our weight and our hormone levels to minimize any discomforts. And we can take preventive measures to avoid many illnesses and diseases.

Recent advances in medical science have given us new ways to slow the aging process and ensure that you age comfortably and enjoy extraordinary good health. Alternative and integrative medicine have given us new, more effective treatment options using a more holistic approach to health and achieving wellness.

At NewTrend Medical Spa, our primary focus is on:

Natural hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

We use only transdermal compounds, which have several advantages, not only are they less costly, but they are also more readily absorbed into the body with less side effects of their oral equivalents. Rest assured that your therapy will be prescribed by Ashima Mehta, MD, FACOG, NCMP, an experienced physician who is well-versed in hormone therapy. Dr. Mehta will perform a full medical health evaluation and physical exam, along with any required lab tests, before starting hormone therapy.

Skin rejuvenation for men and women

Your skin is vulnerable to all kinds of damaging environmental and internal toxins that can make you look older than you really are or older than you feel. So proper skincare is critically important. At NewTrend Medical Spa, our goal is to offer education and solutions for correction and prevention of many kinds of skin problems related to aging and environmental damage.

Talk to us about your beauty and anti-aging treatment needs. Don’t hesitate to call our med spa at 847.362.7000 or use our online form to schedule your preferred consultation time. Our patients come to us from Libertyville, Chicago, Buffalo Grove, Lake Forest, Lincolnshire and Vernon Hills near North Shore in Lake County, IL.

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